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Summer Dance/Zomer Dans


An energetic week of  training in contemporary technique, improvisation, creating and performing for children, young dancers and professional dancers from 24 - 28 August 2015 in Cultuurcentrum Berchem, Antwerp 

An energetic week of classes and workshops with Retina’s Artistic Director Filip Van Huffel and the Retina company teachers Steven Martin, Sabin Ceulemans and Thais Stabel that will culminate in a sharing/performance using by Retina’s renowned full bodied, energetic and innovative style.

Group 1 - age 10 to 13
Group 2 - age 14 to 17
Group 3 - age 18+

10.00 - 16.00 Monday to Friday

Each day will begin with a technique class where the participants will learn new skills in Retina’s movement style, which is fun, energetic and full-bodied emphasising continuous flow. After class, the teachers will lead the participants through a series of creative tasks, partnerwork and learning taught material to work towards a piece of choreography that will be shown to parents and friends on the Friday afternoon at 15.30.

If you are a professional dancer, or someone who wants to come and try something new, then this summer school is for you!

Group 1 and Group 2: €100
Group 3: €150

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Retina is currently working on Castling, a community and professional dance project in Ekeren, Antwerp. After several workshops for all ages and abilities in Ekeren, Merksem and Luchtbal, Artistic Director Filip Van Huffel will create a site specific performance event from 13 to 17 April 2015. This will result in performances on 25th and 26th April in Kasteel Hof De Bist in Ekeren. The title Castling, refers to the chess game where the King and Rook dance in a unique way. This interactive dance performance is aimed at people from all walks of life, with or without dance experience, young or old, or simply: anyone who is comfortable in his or her skin! Participants and spectators are invited to look at the castle, the park, the dance. The performance will be accompanied live by musicians from the Music Academy of Ekeren.

Performance information

Retina Jongeren - Flemish Ambassadors for Dance


RETINA JONGEREN have gained the title of AMBASSADOR OF FLEMISH AMATEUR CONTEMPORARY DANCE during DANCE.IMPACT, a festival organized by Danspunt and Terpsichore vzw.

Retina Jongeren, Retina Dance Company’s Belgium based youth dance company, took part in Dance.Impact, a festival for amateur dance in Flanders on Sunday 30th March. 7 groups were selected to perform their work in the Flemish town of Bornem. Retina Jongeren performed Zero 09, a new piece by Retina’s choreographer Filip Van Huffel.

After a great evening of varied contemporary dance, the jury gave the title of AMBASSADOR OF FLEMISH AMATEUR CONTEMPORARY DANCE to RETINA JONGEREN! The jury rewarded the company for it’s coherent whole, the music, the flow and the energy that the company managed to convey to the audience.

The new ambassador company wins €750 to spend on dance related expenses and the group will also be invited by Danspunt to participate in domestic and foreign performances and festivals where they will represent Flanders.

Dance.Impact is an initiative of Danspunt in collaboration with Terpsichore vzw.

Zero 09
Choreography: Filip Van Huffel
Retina Jongeren dancers: Manou Hermans, Cheyenne Illegems, Laura Janssens, Margot Janssens, Johanna Tengan, Louis Thuriot, Pauline Thuriot, Julie Van Landeghem, Mooni Van Tichel, Noa Van Tichel, Dries Verstreepen. 
Rehearsal Director: Sabin Ceulemans
Photo: Joke Van den Heuvel

Filip Van Huffel’s response to Retina UK news

Dear Retina Dance Company supporters,

It is true, I have made the decision to step away from Retina Dance UK from 31 March 2014. I want to make it clear that I have not resigned from RETINA DANCE COMPANY. As a matter of fact, there are some exciting projects and choreographic ventures in the pipeline in Belgium and the UK and I will continue to develop as a choreographer and artistic director.

I want to thank so many people for the incredible support that Retina audiences and public have shown me in the last 48 hours since the announcement made by Retina’s Board of Directors on Friday that states that I am leaving Retina Dance UK.

What happened?
The Board of Directors decided on a new direction for the company, and it is a direction that I do not support, and therefore there is no longer a role for myself or the company dancers and artistic team. I made this decision because it is the only way that I can keep my personal and artistic health and integrity. I have always believed that dance companies must be viable businesses, but the art form must be the priority.

After 19 years of creating professional dance productions, the plan for Retina UK is to work with local dancers with a focus on education work. As many of you know, the education activity of Retina is excellent, and the reason for this, is that I have developed it over a whole career and have been lucky to work with fantastic and very committed company dancers who have been trained in the Retina style.  But however much I personally believe in and enjoy Retina’s education programme, the touring professional dance productions are the cornerstone of the company. I have created 20 company productions and 100s of works for youth companies, community groups, dance students and other dance companies around the world. I am proud of this legacy and know that these were valuable experiences.

What’s the history?
Retina Dance Company has always had two bases, one in Nottingham UK and one in Antwerp, Belgium. Arts Council England has supported Retina’s work since the company started in 1995, when I worked in partnership with Sacha Lee, initially with project funding, and subsequently as a Regularly Funded Organisation and finally as a National Portfolio Organisation. Retina UK will use the final year of the NPO funding to develop their own direction. However I am very grateful to ACE for the long-term support that it has given Retina that has provided the numerous opportunities that we have been able to enjoy. In 1993 key organisations invited Retina to move their base from London to Nottingham, and this relationship thrived for many years, whilst the East Midlands region benefited from an international dance company in residence. I am grateful to the support that these key people offered in the last 10 years.

Who is important?
I would like to acknowledge and thank the immense and brilliant work of the current Retina company dancers, Matthew Slater, Steven Martin, Erin Harty, Pauline De Laet and David Michel, as well as Retina teacher Ian Dolan, lighting designer/technician Andy Hammond and all previous dancers and collaborators that are too many to mention by name. Their support, immense skill and friendship is already missed, and they will remain a part of my family. My work was only possible because of their brilliant skills as dancers and teachers. I wish them well in their personal futures, and am immensely sad that our work pathways were forced to end.

The future
This decision will not stop me from creating work for myself, for Retina Belgium and other dance companies. I will continue to work from Antwerp, and my first plan is to create a solo production for myself to perform with composer/musician Joris Vanvinckenroye.

I hope that you will continue to support my work and Retina Dance Company Belgium, and will stay in touch directly through the website, facebook and email, but this will not be through Nottingham. I will continue with Natalie Gordon as Producer. Please use mine filip@retinadance.com or Natalie Gordon’s natalie@retinadance.com email address if you wish to contact Retina Dance Company Belgium.

I wish Retina UK success in their new ventures, but sincerely hope that they rename the company accordingly, as the new Retina UK will have no relationship to my previous and forthcoming work.

Thanks again for the heart-warming emails and messages I have received, they make me realise that the last 19 years have been worth it, and I have so many happy memories.

Filip Van Huffel

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