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DansArt workshop with Baris Mihci

AXIS SYLLABUS Dans.art workshop in Antwerp with BARIS MIHCI
Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th March 2010
9.30 – 14.00

Dans.art is an initiative by Passerelle vzw in partnership with Retina Dance Company, Cultuurcentrum Hasselt and Wisper Gent. Retina’s Dans.art is an intensive workshop opportunity for dancers and choreographers to work with reknown Axis Syllabus teacher Baris Mihci supported by Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen.

The Axis Syllabus’ focus lies in the human body in motion. Like a bag of skills, a box of tools, a container where you can put all the information concerning movement. The study of the body under an anatomical and bio-mechanical filter with its impact on movement. One aim is to optimize the use of kinetic energy in order to find more efficiency in dynamic movement, prevent injury and learn to work with the physical forces which rule our planet. Baris’s AS workshop will focus on Dynamic Timing. Dynamics express the study of the causes of motion and changes in motion or the study of forces and why objects are in motion. The concept of force is used to describe an influence which causes a free body to accelerate or decelerate. The understanding of physical laws can help the mover to use forces acting on us to our advantage.

Baris studied social pedagogy, German, sports and special education for physically disabled children at the University of Cologne, Germany. Although always fascinated with movement, he did not start dancing until after finishing his degree. After completing his graduation thesis on Pina Bausch’s Dancetheater he was introduced to the Axis Syllabus, and immediately immersed himself in the study, and acquired a teacher’s certificate after 4 years. Baris has been teaching Axis Syllabus daily for dancers in Brussels and around Europe for 5 years and introduced the Axis Syllabus in İstanbul 2007. He is now based in Brussels and teaches regularly classes and workshops throughout Europe.

The courses are for dancers with experience that want to discover more in contemporary dance. The two days cost €46 and runs from 9.30 to 14.00 at Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen. Booking is essential.

More information and booking contact natalie@retinadance.com

What is it like to be a Retina intern?

Allow me to introduce you to Natasha Pearson. Below she tells us abit about herself and her experience working with Retina as an intern for 2 weeks. Thank you Natasha you were a pleasure to work with.


Name: Natasha Pearson

Age: 21

Education: BA (Hons) Dance Studies, Roehampton University, London Graduated 2010

Hometown: Lincoln

Favourite dance technique: Limon….and Cunningham!

After taking the brave but wise decision to defer my Masters, realising I could do a better job when I have more experience in the industry later in life (& there would hopefully be better prospects of a job post-graduation) I got my thinking cap on about what to do next in the life of Natasha…….but certainly I knew these things: A: I want to travel and live abroad B: I love writing/analysing dance…in fact I love anything to do with dance! C: I want a job that can support me doing these things

So…fast-forward and I am now completing a TEFL course having applied to be a primary school teacher in Hong Kong to commence in September, and, I am completing a teacher diploma with the British Ballet Organisation (majoring in Classical Ballet). Throughout my degree I’d had internships of various sorts- they really are the best way to gain experience and an insight in that company’s work etc. Retina automatically popped into my mind for various reasons

• I had been interested and aware of their work since secondary school when I participated in a workshop, and, more recently, they visited my University for a workshop and performance.

• Retina has an international reputation, and, as I aim to work abroad, I was very much interested in how the two offices based in Nottingham and Antwerp co-exist.

• I’m from Lincoln so always like supporting and working with dance in my area…it also reminded me that not everything is in London!

My first challenge was to write and produce a youth bulletin to inform every-one of the adventures of Retina Youth Dance Company and Retina’s education work. Boy did I underestimate the amount of time and effort to make such a thing! I also laughed at my naivety in thinking that everything is made on good old’ Microsoft word! So I enjoyed being enlightened about the wonders of technology and certainly when I pick up a leaflet etc promoting an event now, I have an increased sense of appreciation for the work having gone into it! I relished using my writing skills and being considerate of the use of tone in relation to my target audience. It did feel bizarre at first, not writing in an academic tone as I have done for the last three years, plus the fact that several more people would read it, rather than just me, my mother & module tutor!

Throughout the second week I got stuck into some serious research for promoting and advertising up-coming performances/raising the profile of Retina. This was a job which at first took considerable time…but I soon learnt initial places to start which helped me channel into different possibilities from there. Lucy was kind enough to forward me a lot of marketing work such as; education packs, press databases and marketing strategies etc etc. It was great to have a sponge moment & absorb all this info, and see what resources they use on a daily basis…very insightful stuff.

The two weeks were certainly a crash-course in marketing; most importantly I thoroughly enjoyed my time, as I was initially quite tentative about the internship, having very little experience in specifically marketing. I now have a better understanding of the methods and strategies of marketing and certainly more confidence! It was great to be listened to regarding suggestions I made/ideas I had in discussions with Lucy about new ideas and how to improve old ones.

I’d like to thank Retina for the opportunity, it is much appreciated, and particularly Lucy for her help, guidance and words of wisdom!

Retina visits Dundee

When Scottish School of Contemporary Dance (SSCD) booked our current touring production La Lutte to be performed at their in house theatre The Space, we were thrilled. When they invited us to come and teach for an entire week as well, we couldn’t be anything less than ecstatic; so we sent our Artistic Director Filip from Belgium, Retina dancer and SSCD graduate Steven, and our Retina Youth Dance Company Rehearsal Director Ian. It was a big project working with three entire year groups to create a piece of work performed at the end of the week in a bill with Retina’s duet, La Lutte.

Artistic Director Filip told us that The Space was a "Great building, atmosphere and the dancers worked their socks off…Lovely very creative people” Intrigued? See for yourself!

Retina visits SSCD from Retina Dance Company on Vimeo.

The students were so inspired by this week that they got in touch to let us know how much they enjoyed their week with Retina!

"...best week at The Space so far so thanks to everyone involved.” – Tammy Barker, student at SSCD

"Firstly I would like to say a big thank you for a wonderful experience that has really fired my passion for dance!...my body felt alive with physicality. It was great to be pushed with the speed and strength required in the dances, and to challenge my mind in learning it all. The tutors could not have been better, and we were all impressed with the equality of everything (like second and third year working together, that we weren't dictated to, and not favouring people overly in the choreography). The timetable of classes was great, the creative methods… made creating easy and fun, and working towards a performance added more of a buzz to it all…I have been left feeling more confident and like a dancer than I have before.” – Zoe Sawane, student at SSCD

"I really enjoyed working with Retina last week, it was our first week back after the xmas break and they made us work really hard (which is a good thing). I loved the material we were taught it was really energetic, some of it was slightly tricky but i think we all enjoy a challenge. All of the guys were really friendly and easy to approach... such an inspiration and i hope they can come back and work with us again in the future." - Sara Kelly, student at SSCD

Audition for Layers of Skin

Retina is looking for unique and talented male and female dancers/performers for their new company production Layers of Skin.

Rehearsals begin on March 21st 2011 and will take place in Antwerp Belgium and Nottingham England. Touring from summer 2011 to summer 2012.

Audition dates:

  • Antwerp – January 27th with call back on 28th
  • London – February 5th with call back on 6th

To apply please email your CV and a maximum of 2 photos to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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