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Retina Springs Dance Festival

April 2nd to 5th and April 10th to 13th 2007

Retina is leading an eight day intensive dance residency for dancers from age 11 to professional adults, to create a performance alongside Retina’s own production This is not a body at Sandfield Theatre, Nottingham on April 13th 2007.

Divided into three age groups, the residency will be taught at three venues across Nottingham by Retina’s exceptional team of company dancers and artistic director/choreographer Filip Van Huffel to create a performance piece by all the participants that will explore Retina’s unique movement style.

The aim of the festival is to bring dancers together from different abilities and experiences to engage in a dance project that encourages embodiment of Retina’s movement style as well as an exploration of own ideas. A chance to develop personal skills, enjoy moving and perform!

Fee: £30. Places are limited.

To apply download an application form here or fill out the application form online .

Antwerp Mime studio Laban workshop

Natalie Gordon is teaching a Laban based workshop at the Antwerp Mime studio from 16 April to 10 May. The workshop will incorporate theory and practice of Rudolf Laban’s work as well as an integration of Bartenieff Fundamentals, encouraging the participants to explore the full realm of expressivity, movement efficiency and movement creation through these theories.

A workshop exploring Jacques Lecoq’s theories will be held from 26 February to 22 March.

Each workshop is from 10am to 1pm Monday to Thursday and costs 300 euro. For more information visit the Mime studio website or call Jan Ruts on 00 32 3 2363713.

Retina at ccBe

This is not a body rehearsals continue in ccBe in Antwerp, Belgium after a productive first rehearsal month in Nottingham. The whole company have moved across the channel for a couple of months leading to the premiere at [ccBe](http://www.ccbe.be/events.php?parent_id=3&type_id=1&id=105/“website of ccBe”) on March 27th. All is going well, the dancers brains are stacked with information, the end of Nottingham culminating in 40 minutes of work so far, so productivity is high in the studio! Currently they are joined by [composer Dave Boyd](http://web.mac.com/david.boyd/iWeb/daveboyd.net/home.html), a percussionist with a mean streak, creating rhythms on 7

Open professional classes

Throughout the production period of (http://www.retinadance.com/index.php/current/ “information about current production”), daily morning technique class will be open to professional dancers. These classes will be taught by either choreographer Filip Van Huffel or movement analyst Natalie Gordon.

Filip teaches an idiosyncratic technique class that looks at the process of movement, exploring the flow of energy through the body, emphasising efficiency and freedom. Fast paced and quirky, his class uses continuous flow, weight and breath to energise movement through the space and body.

Natalie teaches a technique class based on Bartenieff Fundamentals, a class that focuses on internal body connectivity to enable efficiency in movement and to find pathways of flow through the body to aid functionality for a dancer. Natalie utilises these theories to create a technique class that is full bodied, fluid and released.

Visit [event calendar](http://www.retinadance.com/index.php/calendar/2007/1/ “event calendar”) for full details

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