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Rehearsals start for new production

Rehearsals for (http://www.retinadance.com/index.php/current/ “information about current production”), Retina

Class opportunities

Filip Van Huffel is teaching at Dans.Art in Kortrijk Belgium on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 December from 14.00 till 19.00.
Dans.Art is a project from ArtForum and Danspunt in collaboration with Polydans and Passerelle, ccBe and ccHA. It provides the chance for young people to delve into contemporary dance through intensive weekends taught by professional dancers and choreographers. For more info: Polydans & Passerelle +32 (0)56 25 50 76 or visit [Dans.Art](http://www.dansart.be“website of dans.Art”)

Natalie Gordon is teaching a Bartenieff based technique class for Danswerkhuys for professional dancers at ccBe on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 10.30 till 12.00 from December 12th to 22nd. More info at [Danswerkhuys](http://www.danswerkhuys.be “website of danswerkhuys”)

PAGE1 is over - for now!

PAGE1 has finished! We hope that you were lucky enough to catch PAGE1 in the East Midlands and participate in the incredibly successful workshops and performances in Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Over a thousand participants took part in workshops, saw a performance and choreographed their own work through the lecture demonstration.

A DVD that documents the process with interviews, rehearsal footage, workshops and performances is currently being edited by Karen Bartholomew, and will be available in the new year. If you would like a copy then you can use [the form on the contact page](http://www.retinadance.com/index.php/contact).

Due to its success we have decided to keep the production alive and are planning a national tour of PAGE1 for 2007. If you are interested in hosting a performance and workshops then please get in touch.

Although this project has finished for now, it is not the end for the 6 dancers, due to their excellent work, commitment and development, we have decided to invite them all to join the company for the next production This is not a body. So rehearsals start in January for a March 27th premiere, so if you didn

Retina Dance launches new website

While still not completely finished, we decided to go ahead with the launch of Retina’s website anyway. We’ll be adding more content in the weeks to come and the whole thing should be finished in time for Christmas! So, what’s new?

Besides a new look, there’s an [event calendar](http://www.retinadance.com/index.php/calendar/2006/12/) so you can see where we’ll be performing in the months to come and a [news section](http://www.retinadance.com/index.php/news) where we’ll blog about retina’s activities. Both have their own RSS2 feed for those of you who use a newsreader. If you’re new to RSS feeds, then [reading this should get you started](http://feedquickstart.com/). If you want to contact us you can use the [form on the contact page](http://www.retinadance.com/index.php/contact). The “about us” and “video” sections still need to be added, so keep your eyes peeled!

Retina’s new site has been designed using the latest [W3C web standards](http://www.webstandards.org/about/mission/), so users of Internet Explorer 6 might see the odd display error. They’ll all be fixed in the weeks to come but we advise them to [upgrade to Internet Explorer 7](http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.mspx) asap. Even better, make the switch today and [download Firefox!](http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html)

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