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Retina is currently working on Castling, a community and professional dance project in Ekeren, Antwerp. After several workshops for all ages and abilities in Ekeren, Merksem and Luchtbal, Artistic Director Filip Van Huffel will create a site specific performance event from 13 to 17 April 2015. This will result in performances on 25th and 26th April in Kasteel Hof De Bist in Ekeren. The title Castling, refers to the chess game where the King and Rook dance in a unique way. This interactive dance performance is aimed at people from all walks of life, with or without dance experience, young or old, or simply: anyone who is comfortable in his or her skin! Participants and spectators are invited to look at the castle, the park, the dance. The performance will be accompanied live by musicians from the Music Academy of Ekeren.

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