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Inside the Studio : Week Six Layers of Skin

Week 6, another fun and full week! This project is my first job, I never expected I would pass the audition as I don’t graduate from Rotterdam Dance Academy until June. It’s a totally different approach to working in a company from being in school. It’s an intense working process based on one thing “the layers of skin production”. We touch the subject every day deeper and deeper because we spend 8 hours a day with each other’s skin. After 6 weeks of being together with 8 strangers in one studio, we kind of know each other quite well now. When I enter the studio, I feel a warm and energetic atmosphere. It’s a great way to start your day.

Filip is searching for 6 other local professionals to participate in our production Layers of Skin. So each day this week, our morning class was open to all Antwerp professional dancers that wanted to audition for the 6 places. The classes were enjoyable as there was a different kind of energy and it was great to have Natalie Gordon present throughout the week too.

The week began with the trios that we started the previous week. 2 different trios (Dave, Erin and Kristina) and (Matt, Steven and me) using the starting point of meat hanging upside down and falling really close to the floor and being caught at the last moment. Both trios really needed cleaning time and placing on music. Then we finished “the nines” section. We tried to create a structure where all the extra people can participate in. At that moment we will be dancing with 24 people, so I am quite excited to see that, because I can’t imagine it yet!. On Wednesday Erin taught the morning class and I really loved it. On Thursday the musicians walked in to the studio and it was really different with live music and all the musicians around us, a different and really great energy.

On Saturday we had another day of public workshops in parks in Antwerp. Lots of different kinds of people came and danced with us in the Museumplein and in Te Boelaar Park. There were some really great and creative people there, so I am really looking forward to seeing who will be in the production alongside us.

At the end of week 6 I realized that we did 3 runs of the piece so far and its 45minutes long. To be honest, it’s going better and better and I’m so exited to see and dance the result in June.

Written by Pauline De Laet, Retina Dance Company

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