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Inside the Studio : Week Two Layers of Skin

What an incredible week this has been. We are back in ccBe and the creativity is flowing. We kicked off after class with the continuation of the trio which we started last week. Now, this is not just an ordinary trio, this is full on, potential death situation type trio with some incredible lifts executed by the wonderful Kristina and Dave. We had a few hairy situations where I was literally doing a back flip onto my head, but I was lucky enough to have two excellent partners throwing their bodies down to the floor to cushion the blow that my skull was about to receive. All in all, pretty exciting stuff and I LOVE it, I feel like I am flying on numerous occasions!

We started to structure a section by deconstructing a phrase and setting all the movements to the music. Sounds simple right? Wrong, the music is in bars of 5 so this was quite a challenge. Not that I can’t count to 5, but knowing exactly which movement goes on which count when each movement is very similar yet very specific, combined with tricky music, is akin to advanced level brain training. We then gave each bar of 5 a number, there are 16 bars and each of us have our own number journey which dictates the sequence of the 16 bars. This is mine: 1,2,3,4,5,7,14,15,16,6,7,8,9,10,13,16…phew! Filip, cleverly, worked out a table so that some or all of us are in unison at various times. For example, on 14 I am with Matt so we keep a cheeky eye out for each other there, 15 with Kristina and then 16 back with Matt, 6 and 7 Pauline and I rock it out and then the last two we all do together. Frequently this week there would come a time when at least one of us would be lost in space at around the 14th bar but we can quickly pick up the 15th and 16th with everyone and no one notices you have gone wrong….I hope! Clever stuff eh?! I am sitting on the train back to Amsterdam as I write this, resisting the urge to mark out this phrase. It is one of those phrases which is purely accumulation, in fact we even call it the accumulation phrase and so I need to think it through quite often to make sure that I don’t blank at the crucial moment. So now we have a whole section of nearly 5 minutes and It is AWESOME to do and I feel hungry for it every time but it is an absolute killer stamina-wise.

Layers of Skin week 2 from Retina Dance Company on Vimeo.

Wednesday was Fajita Fajita ay ay ay night and that was great, lots of laughter in the kitchen, Filip and Steven doing some funky moves to Michael Jackson and you tube clips of a questionable nature. Steven, Luisa and Dave pulled together a wonderful meal, coupled with some wine, good conversation and excellent company, all in all an awesome night!

An exciting end to a great second week, Chris Nash came in to take some pictures, we felt like we were in a 70’s New York photo studio, with some mood music (care of Steven) and arty vibe (care of Filip and Chris), Chris got some incredible shots. I can’t WAIT to see what next week brings!!!

Written by Erin Harty, Retina Dance Company

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