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New Production – La Lutte

LA LUTTE is a new duet created by choreographer Filip Van Huffel and is the return to his favourite choreographic format and the one that initiated the inception of his Retina Dance Company.

LA LUTTE deals with the struggle to communicate to oneself, one another and the outside world in an aggressive and playful environment and is performed by Matthew Slater and Steven Martin.

LA LUTTE (French for The Wrestle) is set in a theatrical environment, with floodlights reminiscent of a boxing arena or sport stadium; an intense space for 2 men, wrestling with themselves, one another and the world around them. A physical and emotionally charged work that uses Filip’s signature complex movement style layered with psychological intensity.

The movement is generated from two sources – firstly, from a collaboration in a day centre for children with disabilities. Filip, Matt and Steven observed and inhabited the movement content as the children wrestle to communicate, move and express their emotions. And secondly, a return for Filip to the ancient martial art of Jiu-Jitsu, in which he gained his black belt at the age of 15. This fighting technique looks at neutralizing an enemy by using an attacker’s energy against him, rather than directly opposing it. As a choreographic tool Jiu-Jitsu presents unusual material that is dramatic in its physicality.

LA LUTTE is a highly physical, extreme work, where the seemingly uncontrollable limbs are constructed into a tight framework. The setting is bold and bright with powerful, playful, and competitive movement content.

LA LUTTE will tour alongside a 40-minute version of Antipode from autumn 2010 with the UK premiere taking place at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe from the 15th – 30th August at Zoo Roxy’s The Sanctuary (a beautiful 200-seat venue).

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