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Summer update

A brief note to update you on Retina’s whereabouts. This is not a body premiered with immense success in both Belgium and England. Great audiences in both countries and a real appreciation of the work. It makes the three month production process all worth it!

Retina Springs was also a huge success, dancers from age 13 to 53 worked in three groups with the Retina company dancers to create a performance piece that was performed at the Sandfield Theatre. The two week long residency gave the participants an opportunity to learn repertory, improvise and create group work that Filip moulded into a performance with live music by local composer Matt Marks. All involved had a great time and are looking forward to next years Retina Springs!

So, the summer period has begun with two choreographic commissions for Filip. At the moment he is in Dundee making a work for the final year students at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, pictured above. Then it’s off to Hamburg to create a work for 5 young professional dancers as part of DanceKiosk for an August premiere.

Then there are a few summer schools in both Nottingham and Belgium before the whole company reconvenes in September ready for their autumn and spring tour of This is not a body and The boy who never grows old. The tour schedule will be on the event calendar soon, so check where we are performing near you.

If you are interested in booking a performance or workshop or want to join our mailing list for information about upcoming opportunities then go through to the contact page

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