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/// Joris Vanvinckenroye

Joris trained as a teacher before completing his masters degree at the Royal Flemish Conservatoire in double bass. From 1994 he composed and played for Troissoeur, touring extensively around Europe for several years, and winning an Axion Classics award in 2000. He performed as a musician for an idiosyncratic tango group Lunfardo from 2003 to 2006 and simultaneously founded Aranis with whom he still composes and performs. Aranis has toured throughout Europe and has three recordings as well as winning several music awards in Belgium and Holland. In 2006 Joris created BASta!, a solo programme for double bass and live electronics. Joris/BASta! composed and played live for Antipode and composed and performed in Layers of Skin.

Collaborated on Layers of Skin (2012), Antipode (2009)

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