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/// Marieke van de Ven

Inspired by concrete sounds, instruments and field recordings Marieke van de Ven explores the intersection between acoustic and electronic sound.

Within the stratification of different musical elements she investigates the narrative quality of her music. Her compositions are an exploration of the intersections between electronic sound and classical instruments.

Marieke's work was performed at Gaudeamus Muziekweek, FAQ Festival and broadcast on the Concertzender.

Over the last years she has established a repertoire of various multidisciplinary collaborations with choreographers, dancers and theatremakers. These multidisciplinary works have shown at festivals like STRP, Over het IJ and at Dansmakers Amsterdam.

Marieke studied Composition and Sound Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts, Faculty of Music Technology. In August 2011 she earned a Bachelor with Honours Composition and Sound Design and a Master of Arts, specialised in Music and Sound Design.

Marieke's website.

Collaborated on Corporalis (2013)

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