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Ruimtevaarders is Karolien De Schepper and Christophe Engels. Working together as a duo since 2008, they design spacial installations for festivals, theatre, exhibitions, temporary interventions and events. 

Trained as both architects and visual artists Karolien and Christophe use the parameters of a space to make it their own. They are researchers and creators of spatial fiction and swear by impermanence, gravity, proportions, interaction and accidental collisions. They look to be inspired by the people they work with and attach much importance to collaboration and the mutual working process.

Outside of Ruimtevaarders Karolien works as a freelance decor assistant in the Munt in Brussels and Christophe is active as a visual artist, photographer and graphic designer.

For further information see the Ruimtevaarders website.

Collaborated on Corporalis (2013)

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