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Corporalis (2013) -  a Retina Dance Company production

/// Corporalis (2013)

Corporalis takes the body in architecture as its point of departure. Choreographer Filip Van Huffel and architects/designers Ruimtevaarders explore the relationship between personal space, architectural space and three-dimensional space; an exchange between the inside and the outside; the awareness of our body and its relationship to the environment.  

Space is something we experience everyday, it effects us emotionally and psychologically; providing us with senses of joy, happiness and fulfillment. Each environment offers a unique and profound experience relating to our personal relationship to that environment. How does the body respond to its environment, colour, texture, soundscape and visual stimuli? 

Corporalis explores the significance of how the body relates to architecture. Architecture is both a functional and visual art form but also has an important influence on the behaviour of our bodies and psyche.

A vibrant dance performance featuring Retina’s trademark physicality in a dynamic environment by Ruimtevaarders, with sound design by Marieke van de Ven and visuals by Andrew Hammond.

Corporalis is the third episode in a trilogy about the relationship between the body and different artforms which began with: Eleven Stories for the Body, Distance to our Soul collaborating with text in 2005 and This is not a Body collaborating with visual art in 2007.

The Human body as the centre of architectural form. 

Watch a short excerpt from Corporalis.......

Artists involved

  • Filip Van Huffel

    Filip Van Huffel

    Choreographer and Artistic Director

  • Matthew Slater

    Matthew Slater


  • Steven Martin

    Steven Martin


  • Erin Harty

    Erin Harty


  • Pauline De Laet

    Pauline De Laet


  • Andrew Hammond

    Andrew Hammond

    Lighting designer

  • Ruimtevaarders



  • Marieke van de Ven

    Marieke van de Ven


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