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/// Gradient (2002)

Gradient was created as a performance and education project for recent contemporary dance graduates. After leading an open audition for 150 graduates, six were selected for their creative and performance skills and their potential as teachers of dance.

For three weeks Retina worked in the studio with the new dancers and Retina’s existing company members James Flynn, Maho Ihara and Nadia Sellier, to create Gradient, a work based around the theme of the senses. Within this period the group also developed their movement efficiency and performative qualities with Laban/Bartenieff workshops and were given education training to develop teaching skills for leading company workshops aimed at schools and youth groups. The young professionals then had the opportunity to lead workshops in schools around London under the guidance of Retina and perform at three other London venues.

Gradient investigates the relationship between our nervous system and our natural ability to communicate without words through abstracted and theatrical notions related to our senses.

Gradient will stimulate your senses and awaken your imagination.


Filip Van Huffel
Jules Maxwell
Leon Baugh, Claire Benson, James Flynn, Delphine Gaborit, Amalia Garcia, Maho Ihara, Kathryn Jackson, Nadia Sellier, Dan Watson
Lighting design
Sarah Gilmartin
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