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Hard Shoulder (1998) -  a Retina Dance Company production

/// Hard Shoulder (1998)

Hard Shoulder was Retina's first full length work and also the first work to feature live music

Five dancers in a fantasy nerve centre, where no one can afford to lose their focus, or escape into their own dreamworld. This mad dream is like a perpetual desert, exploring the vastness of space versus the closeness of people, where frenzied individuals strive to achieve their goals, forced to collaborate or collapse. They are on a journey together where social conformity does not apply and where, like it or not, they are dependent on one another. 

Hard Shoulder particularly addressed specific visual and psychological themes found within the Road Movie Genre. Essentially, the notion of escape, leaving civilisation behind - the further one gets from society, the closer one gets to oneself. Solitude within a group situation will be examined along with the dynamics between potential strangers.

Hard Shoulder was made with support from the Flemish Government, Whitethorn Strategic Development and ABSA, Suffolk Dance, Dorset Dance Forum, DanceXchange, Kunstencentrum Vooruit and Dans in Kortrijk.


Filip Van Huffel and Sacha Lee
Natalie Ayton, Jia-Yu Chang, Ben Joiner, Sacha Lee, Filip Van Huffel
The Jules Maxwell Project with Ken Haddock, Steve Jones, Jules Maxwell, David Tughan
Lighting design
Lucy Carter
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