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La Lutte (2011) -  a Retina Dance Company production

/// La Lutte (2011)

La Lutte (French for ‘The Wrestle’) is a male duet created by choreographer Filip Van Huffel and performed by Retina’s long-term members Matthew Slater and Steven Martin. Their performance demonstrates how intricacy and power can seamlessly interweave.

La Lutte (French for The Wrestle) is set in a theatrical environment, a setting inspired by a square fighting arena, where floodlights light up the space like a boxing arena or sport stadium. This highly intense environment sets the scene for 2 men wrestling with themselves, each other and the environment. La Lutte deals with the struggle to communicate to oneself, one another and the outside world. A very physical and emotionally charged work that uses Van Huffel’s signature physical and complex style of choreography layered with psychological intensity.

La Lutte is a highly physical, nearly uncomfortable piece to watch, were the seemingly uncontrollable limbs and jerks are constructed in a tight framework. The setting is bold, extremely bright and seductive.

Artists involved

  • Filip Van Huffel

    Filip Van Huffel

    Choreographer and Artistic Director

  • Matthew Slater

    Matthew Slater


  • Steven Martin

    Steven Martin


  • Andrew Hammond

    Andrew Hammond

    Lighting designer


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