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/// Me:Mo (2003)

Created in 2003, Me:Mo is a work inspired by memories of people and places

Imagine you are standing at the end of the world, on top of the highest mountain, in front of the largest sea, at that point where you can't imagine time has ever passed. Me:Mo confronts these extremes of insignificance and magnitude in two connected works. Vertical Memory is a solo for choreographer Filip Van Huffel in which he challenges the interface between his body and the spatial memory of four different environments. The group work Horizontal Memory is a collage of recollections. Delving into the performers individuality, quirks, truths and fantasies, Horizontal Memory highlights the diversity of personal existence, history and physical belonging.

Beautiful and inspiring performers, live music from Jules Maxwell and film by Lucy Cash collectively came together to create a work that nudged the memories of the audience, making them laugh and cry.

Starting with a solo from Filip inspired by a Copenhagen dockyard, Antwerp train station and the glamorous Flanders beaches, Me:Mo developed into a group work that drew on personal memories of the performers and highlighted their individuality. A collage of memories from Gary Clarke, Maria Palliani, Mitsiko Shimura, Elisabetta d'Aloia and Jules Maxwell.

Me:Mo was made possible with support from Arts Council England, Vlaamse Gemeenschap and Cultuurcentrum Berchem. Danseshus Copenhagen, Hoger Instituut voor Dans, Cultuurcentrum Ter Dilft Bornem and Greenwich Dance Agency London.


Filip Van Huffel
Jules Maxwell
Lucy Cash
Gary Clarke, Jules Maxwell, Maria Palliani, Mitsiko Shimura, Elisabetta d'Aloia, Filip Van Huffel
Sara Baeten and Veerle Janssens
Lighting design
Fay Patterson and Filip Van Huffel
Filming and editing
Peter Carmeliet
70 minutes
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