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Relative Danger (2008) -  a Retina Dance Company production

/// Relative Danger (2008)

Relative Danger starts from a group photograph, an image that often hides more than it reveals. The smiles, focus and hand holding disguise the individuality of each, the personal characteristics that make us who we are. 

Created in ccbe, Belgium and Nottingham in autumn 2008, Retina created Relative Danger for audiences of all ages and experiences. The first set of dancers in this production were selected for a professional development project that guided them through a choreographic process, teacher training and performance. Relative Danger was the result of this process, and was followed by the full length production This is not a Body with the same dancers. Relative Danger was reconstructed with an all male cast in 2009.

After each 30-minute performance Retina led a lecture demonstration, an opportunity for the audience to create a mini dance performance on the company, witnessing a choreographic process. A chance to throw ideas at the dancers to create a one-off performance, and enjoy individual, bizarre and memorable moments from these talented dancers.

Relative Danger was made possible with support from Arts Council England, ccBe Antwerpen, Nottingham City Council and Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen


Filip Van Huffel
Jules Maxwell
Laure Bachelot, Rohanna Eade, Tory East, Stephen Moynihan, Matthew Slater
Robert Guy, Steven Martin, Matthew Slater, Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem, Filip Van Huffel
Marta Wilgosiewicz
Lighting design
Andy Hammond
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