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Corporalis (2013) -  a Retina Dance Company production

/// Corporalis (2013)

Corporalis takes the body in architecture as its point of departure. Choreographer Filip Van Huffel and architects/designers Ruimtevaarders explore the relationship between personal space, architectural space and three-dimensional space; an exchange between the inside and the outside; the awareness of our body and its relationship to the environment.  

Filip Van Huffel is collaborating with architect/set designers Ruimtevaarders to create an environment for Corporalis that will evolve throughout the three sections of the work. They will create a unique environment for this new production that will enhance the movement and create a continuity and individuality between the sections of the work.

Corporalis is a multimedia production comprising of three separate shorter works:
Duet (20 minutes)
Solo (10 minutes)
Quartet (40 minutes)

Corporalis can be performed as a full production of 70 minutes, but the three distinct but integrated units of Corporalis can also be performed individually as part of a wider festival programme. In addition, each of the works can be performed in unusual settings, non-theatre venues or outdoor spaces, providing Retina and host venues with additional marketing and audience development opportunities.

A minimum space of 8x8m is required for the solo alone, and a minimum of 10x10m for the whole production.

Corporalis premiered in January 2013.

Photography by David Severn

Downloads (promoters/press)

If you have a login/password the Corporalis (2013) downloads are available here.

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