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/// Layers of Skin (2012)

Layers of Skin is a multilayered performance event with bold choreography by Belgian/English choreographer Filip Van Huffel and his Retina Dance Company with live music by Joris Vanvinckenroye and his acclaimed Belgian chamber rock ensemble Aranis.

Layers of Skin is a dynamic and constantly changing production that will take the audience on a journey of movement with power, sensitivity and versatility accompanied by exquisite music that lies between the finesse of classical music and the excitement of pop.

Layers of Skin starts from the idea of hiding. The three layers of our skin hide the bones, the organs, the muscles and nervous system of our body. It also hides who we are, the reality of our contents. The skin is the largest organ of our body and it wraps cerebral, physical and intuition into one package.

Layers of Skin unfolds in front of the audience. The external appearances are unwrapped as we discover the inner layers. Stripping away the surface, we discover the motivations for movement.

Layers of Skin is a multilayered sensory experience never to be forgotten!

In its simplest form Layers of Skin is a production for six Retina dancers and lasts 65 minutes. However, with every booking we can discuss the potential to bring the strong participatory element to your venue. This incorporates a one-week residency with local dancers, either professional or amateur from ages 12 upwards. Retina's Education Manager can either assist your venue with finding and selecting these participants or Retina can lead on finding and selecting participants. After the residency participants perform alongside Retina within the Layers of Skin production. Music from Aranis can be played live by the seven-piece band or Retina can supply a recorded version.

This participatory element has resulted in many sell-out shows during the Layers of Skin tour and is a strong tool in venue audience development for dance.

Retina works closely with programmers and bookers to ensure the format of Layers of Skin is best suited to venue requirements and needs.

Printed publicity materials are available, along with photos from Chris Nash and clips of Layers of Skin for use across venue websites, Facebook and Twitter.

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If you have a login/password the Layers of Skin (2012) downloads are available here.

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